5,000 INR
/ Per month
2-3 Keywords
Site Audit and Compliance
100+ Directory Submission per month
Social Media Promotion
Weekly reporting
/ Per month
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2-5 Keywords
Site Audit and Compliance
200+ Page Submissions Per Month
Social Media Promotion
Weekly Reporting
Content Promotion Service
Back links Boost
10,000 INR
/ Per month
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5+ Keywords
Site Audit & Compliance
300+ Page Submission
Weekly Reporting
Social Media Promotion
Directory Submission Service
Bulk Mail (Mail Blast)
Bulk SMS (SMS Blast)

Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. Website Audit

Website is audit is highly essential before initiating process of digital marketing. It ensures, your site fit for digital marketing.

2. Achieving Result

Tetralance is one of the best Digital Marketing provider, which ensures, your website, products and target items will appear within 30 days- 100 days on top search engines, based upon the target keywords.

3. Social Media Promotion

We provide social media promotion on popular social medias to ensure, your target contents will reach to millions of visitors interested in the similar subject/content.

4. Billing Life Cycle

The billing life cycle is monthly. The invoice will be generated on 1st week of every month. No advance payment, no hidden cost.

5. Marketing Support

Tetralance also provides marketing support through online surveys, person-to-person call/mail/sms, increase leads by campaigns for your organization.